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Changzhi City Won Two Awards in the First “Baihe Cup” Competition
Time: 12 24,2019      Source: Friends Shanxi

Recently, the 2019 China Arts & Crafts Expo organized by China Light Industry Council was held in Nanjing International Expo Center. As one of the important activities of the expo, “Baihe Cup” Arts & Crafts Design Innovation Competition was held at the same time. Two works selected by Changzhi City grabbed awards in the competition: one is the piled brocade work “Jade Pool Goddess Worships the Lord of Heaven”, which won the Golden Tripod Award, and the other is the red and green porcelain jar “Lotus Pond Interest” produced by Bayi Kiln, which won the Innovation Award. A total of 2,570 works from all over the country participated in the competition, only 50 of which won the Golden Tripod Award. The “Jade Pool Goddess Worships the Lord of Heaven” became the first art work in Shanxi Province that grabbed the Golden Tripod Award.  

The piled brocade work “Jade Pool Goddess Worships the Lord of Heaven” was created by Yan Deming and his two sons Yan Xiangjun and Yan Xianghui through two years and three months’ efforts. With a height of 2.08 meters and width of 4 meters, the painting is the most classic part of “Worshipping the Lord of Heaven” in the Yongle Palace Mural. It depicts 35 characters with different postures and shapes, and adopts original craftsmanship and techniques to create their eyes, hair and facial structures. Meanwhile, it adopts nearly 50 kinds of different materials, such as silk, satin, brocade, yarn, damask, thread and bead, and top-level piled brocade artwork techniques. Therefore, the painting is reputed as the pinnacle of Changzhi piled brocade works. The red and green porcelain jar “Lotus Pond Interest” produced by Bayi Kiln skillfully arranges several clusters of flowers and leaves in the picture, forms the inner structure and rhythm of the picture through the contrast of volume and density, and creates a broad vertical view while displaying the elegant and soft beauty of lotus.

The “Baihe Cup” is innovative national awards of arts and crafts industry specially established for the platform of China Arts & Crafts Expo, consisting of three awards, namely Golden Tripod Award, Baihe Award and Innovation Award, which represent the highest art level and top honor of the Chinese arts and crafts industry.


Changzhi - Eshanxi