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Changzhi City Officially Launched the “119 Fire Safety Publicity Month” of the Year 2019
Time: 12 24,2019      Source: Friends Shanxi

Changzhi City held the launching ceremony of “119 Fire Safety Publicity Month” on the morning of November 6, 2019, in order to mobilize social forces to participate in fire safety publicity, fire prevention and control, minimize fire risks and damages, and create a strong atmosphere of “preventing fire risks and building a beautiful homeland”. The launching ceremony was attended by Zhang Heping, Vice Mayor of Changzhi City, Zhu Jiang, Chief Engineer of Shanxi Provincial Fire and Rescue Corps, Zhang Pengyu, Leader of Changzhi Fire and Rescue Detachment, Du Zhengfeng, Political Commissar of Changzhi Fire and Rescue Detachment, and Cui Yunfeng, Governor of Luzhou District. More than 600 people participated in the event, including all the commanders of Changzhi Municipal Fire and Rescue Detachment, heads of member organizations of Changzhi Municipal Fire Safety Committee, representatives of key units of fire safety, fire safety publicity volunteers and representatives of property enterprises. Wang Jianliang, Director of Changzhi Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, presided over the launching ceremony.

At the ceremony, Mr. Zhang Pengyu announced the Activity Plan of 119 Fire Safety Publicity Month of Changzhi City in 2019. Mr. Du Zhengfeng led the firefighting officers to swear the Oath of China Fire and Rescue Team. The leaders attending the ceremony conferred flags to fire protection volunteers, the visiting team consisting of media friends who “get close to fire frontline and participate in fire protection”, and the publicity team.

Mr. Zhang Pengyu said that, with the joint efforts of all sectors of society in recent years, the overall fire safety situation in the city tends to be stable, the number of fires and property losses are decreasing year by year. This is attributed to not only the development and expansion of fire rescue teams, but also the public’s enhanced awareness of fire safety and knowledge.

On behalf of Shanxi Provincial Fire and Rescue Corps, Mr. Zhu Jiang fully recognized the achievements made by the Changzhi Municipal Fire and Rescue Detachment, and put forward ardent hopes to encourage them to earnestly implement the spirit of the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and accelerate the development of fire and rescue cause and the firefighters’ team building in Changzhi City.

Mr. Zhang Heping said that departments at all levels should take the “119 Fire Safety Publicity Month” as an opportunity to widely mobilize social forces and adopt innovate publicity forms to expand fire safety publicity coverage, and attract the public to participate in the “119 Fire Safety Publicity Month” activities. Meanwhile, they should strictly implement the main responsibility system of fire safety, and carry out all-round potential fire risk investigation and self-examination activities, so as to eliminate the dead zones of investigation and treatment and ensure stable fire safety situation. 

Later, Mr. Zhang Heping announced that the “119 Fire Safety Publicity Month” of Changzhi City in 2019 is officially launched.

The site of launching ceremony consists of Achievements Exhibition Area, Experience & Interaction Area, Skill Performance Area, Fire Fighting Equipment Exhibition Area, Publicity Material Distribution Area, Literature and Art Performance Area, etc. The achievements made by Changzhi Municipal Fire and Rescue Detachment in studying and implementing the spirit of the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping were displayed in the Achievements Exhibition Area; the cultural and art programs independently developed by firefighters were performed in the Art Performance Area. In the Experience & Interaction Area, multiple experience and interaction activities were carried out, such as fire product identification activity, VR fire extinguishing experience, electronic simulation fire extinguishing device, firefighter clothing try-on, etc., which enabled the audience to learn fire safety knowledge, enhance their fire safety awareness, and master escape and self-rescue skills through personal experience. In the Skill Performance Area, the Special Service Squadron demonstrated the operation of water supply and door breaking, and the Taidong Squadron demonstrated the aerial rescue by ladder truck. In addition, the fire vehicles and equipment were also displayed on the site, and the knowledge contest with prizes was carried out; a lot of fire publicity materials and products were distributed to the audience, so that they could learn and participate in fire protection at a close distance.

In the future, Changzhi Municipal Fire and Rescue Detachment will continue to fulfill its duty and mission in accordance with the spirit of the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and focus on the theme of “preventing fire risks and building a beautiful homeland” to carry out diversified publicity activities in various forms, create a strong fire safety publicity atmosphere, and enhance the city’s fire prevention and control capability in an all-round way.


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