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Changzhi aims for more livable urban development
Time: 01 10,2020      Source:

Changzhi city in the southeast part of Shanxi province in North China aims to develop as a more livable city in 2020, according to development plans tabled during the third session of the 13th People's Congress of Shanxi province on Jan 13-18.

With its goal of becoming a sub central city in Shanxi province, Changzhi will expand its urban agglomeration, the integrated development of urban and rural areas and its infrastructure connections to cities in eastern and central China.

The plan envisages that the city will overcome gaps in economic development, resources and the environment and further its cultural development and the living standards of its residents. 

Under the plan, it will boost innovation, further the energy revolution, protect natural resources and the environment, develop its cultural industries and help increase the incomes of its people.

In terms of transport infrastructure, Changzhi will focus on progressing the construction of the Changzhi-Handan-Liaocheng High-speed Railway, the Pingyao-Qinyuan-Anze Highway and the Huguan-Lingchuan-Yuntaishan Highway.


Changzhi - Eshanxi