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Military urged to strengthen recruitment and training of top talent
Time: 11 29,2021      Source: Eshanxi-Taiyuan

President Xi Jinping has urged the Chinese military to further improve its human resources work to recruit and train more talented professionals to help achieve the military's key goals.

Xi, who is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, told a top-level military meeting on Friday in Beijing that human resources are central to realizing the high-quality development of the military forces, winning modern warfare and competition in the military arena, accomplishing goals set by the Party, and building the Chinese military as a world-class force.

Speaking at the meeting held by the Central Military Commission, Xi said that given the rapidly changing situations in global geopolitics, science and technology, and military development, the Chinese armed forces must pay more attention to human resources work and race against time to strengthen the work.

The president said service members' knowledge, skills and management must be upgraded, calling for more well-trained professionals.

Xi ordered the military to make major strides in human resources modernization and big breakthroughs in training key professionals.

Party organizations inside the armed forces must lead human resources work, which has an ultimate objective of having sufficient professionals to enable the military to win wars.

The military must make sure its human resources can support its competition in the cutting-edge military frontiers and meet the requirements of national security and military modernization, according to the commander-in-chief.

He said the military must rely on itself in recruitment and training of professionals but can also take advantage of other resources in society. He added that officers and soldiers should foster their knowledge about science and technology and take part in more combat exercises.

The military must speed up efforts in the building of first-class academies, assign professionals to positions that can best utilize their expertise, designate more resources in the education and management of professionals specializing in joint combat operations, new fighting domains, advanced technology and strategy. It should also make the best use of noncommissioned officers and civilian employees, according to Xi.

He noted that political standards are significant in professionals' training and selection, and he called for political education to be intensified.


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