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Chinese woman makes steamed buns into delicate artworks
Time: 12 13,2021      Source: People's Daily Online


Skillfully using tools, such as a pair of scissors and a comb, a woman in north China’s Shanxi province made ordinary steamed buns into vivid artworks with various patterns.


Li Lin makes steamed buns. (Photo courtesy of the media convergence center of Luzhou)

Li Lin, from a village in Luzhou district of the province’s Changzhi city, recently made such a delicate piece of artwork consisting of a granary-shaped steamed bun and some smaller steamed buns in the shapes of crops and fruits, including corns, ears of rice and persimmons, which represent a bumper harvest and an auspicious and prosperous future.

Li learned the craft of making traditional steamed buns from her mother from a young age, but did not choose it as a career. She began to run a steamed bun shop in 2019 after she retired so as to pass on the traditional craft.


Photo shows steamed buns made by Li Lin. (Photo courtesy of Li Lin)

Li made a name for herself by combining the traditional craft with modern elements and making innovations in patterns and techniques. For example, she makes steamed buns shaped like animation figures to attract the younger generation and creates colorful steamed buns made of flour, vegetables and fruit. Some women from surrounding villages have come to learn the traditional craft from Li.

“I hope that more young people will learn the traditional craft and pass it on,” Li said.

Photo shows steamed buns made by Li Lin. (Photo courtesy of Li Lin)


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