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Confronted with Omicron, countries are endorsing China's COVID-19 approach
Time: 12 14,2021      Source: Eshanxi-Taiyuan

China's top epidemiologist said on Saturday that many countries taking strict measures when facing the Omicron variant are echoing China's approach in fighting COVID-19.

"The world is gradually recognizing China's approach against the virus during the two-year battle against the pandemic," Zhong Nanshan told a sub-forum of the Greater Bay Science Forum.

He said research and development on vaccines, antibodies and medicines are still lagging due to a lack of understanding of the origins of the virus, the intermediate hosts and transmission routes.

Zhong reiterated that taking vaccines or other treatments is still essential to keep the transmission at low rates.

"It's estimated China will hit the target of herd immunity by the end of the year with 83 percent population fully vaccinated," he said.

The pulmonologist also mentioned the latest progress in China's first COVID-19 treatment, Brii Biosciences' (Brii) neutralizing antibody cocktail. "The drug is working as many COVID-19 patients with severe conditions in Yunnan, Qinghai and other places have reacted to the drug well," Zhong said.

In addition, he said the consistent development of new drugs against COVID-19 and the joint effort from different countries are also required to battle the virus.

"We can't win the battle against the pandemic if only depending on one country or one company," he said.


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