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General aviation manufacturing expanding in Shanxi
Time: 05 12,2022      Source:

North China's Shanxi province aims to increase the revenue of its general aviation manufacturing industry in the current year.

According to the industry development plan released by the Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology, Shanxi will promote the manufacturing of aviation raw materials, focus on the research, development, and manufacture of general-purpose aircraft, and strengthen the R&D of mid-to-high-end unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products.

With help from the completed T800 carbon fiber production line and engineering technology research center and targeting aviation market demand, the province will focus on the development of T1000/1100 carbon fiber composite parts and building a carbon fiber production base for aviation.

It will carry out the R&D and manufacture of two-seat, four to five-seat, nine-seat, 11-seat, and 19-seat general-purpose aircraft, master independent intellectual property for general-purpose aircraft R&D and manufacturing, and develop complete general-purpose aircraft R&D, design, manufacturing and transformation capabilities.

Mid-to-high-end drone R&D capabilities will be enhanced with a focus on 200-kilogram drones, 400-kg fixed-wing large drones, and 1,500-kg cargo drones.

Shanxi will give full play to the leading role of the Datong General Aviation Industrial Park, Taiyuan Aviation Instrument Co and Shanxi Gangke Carbon Materials Co to form a general aviation industrial cluster integrating R&D, manufacturing, operation and services.

It will also support Jinzhong General Aviation Industrial Park in UAV manufacturing and application and industrial cluster development.


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