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Xiangyuan County was selected as “Featured Tourism District/County”
Time: 02 10,2023      Source: sxgov Changzhi channel: The “2022 China National Travel Annual Innovative Cases”, sponsored by China National Travel, was recently unveiled. Xiangyuan County was selected as “Featured Tourism District/County”.

The four-month selection involves the comprehensive calculation of big data by the Strategic Research Center of China National Travel, and opinions of authoritative experts in the cultural tourism industry, chief travelers at China National Travel and professionals from the public sector. The result is 64 cases of 20 types in terms of cultural tourism service brands and tourist destinations. Xiangyuan County was selected as “Featured Tourism District/County”, the other two being Chun’an County in Zhejiang Province and Zhaohua District in Sichuan Province.

In recent years, Xiangyuan County has been upholding its commitment to “enriching the connotation of tourism by culture, promoting cultural dissemination and cultural prosperity by tourism”, and promoting the establishment of a National Comprehensive Tourism Demonstration Zone, giving full play to the “cultural empowerment and tourism-driven” role by building key scenic spots such as Xiantang Mountain (AAAA-level), Donghu Park, and “Xiangyuan Sea of Flowers”. The Xiangyuan government has also increased its efforts in protecting cultural relics, opened key cultural relic protection units for exhibition, commenced museum construction projects, and pushed forward the revitalization and utilization of cultural relics. On top of that, it has strengthened promotion and publicity of culture and tourism, reinforced the empowerment of culture and tourism industry and established rural tourism demonstration villages and homestay inns on Taihang Mountain, contributing to rural revitalization and development.

This year, Xiangyuan County’s selection of annual “Featured Tourism District/County” is a full recognition of its past accomplishments and a source of motivation for it to further promote the high-quality development of culture and tourism. Under the leadership of the county Party committee and the county government, Xiangyuan County Administration of Culture and Tourism will explore, be brave in innovation, make strenuous efforts and pay close attention to implementation, and focus on project construction, culture and tourism integration, cultural relic protection and cultural benefits to the people. The administration will also strive to build and improve the public service system of culture and tourism, and promote the innovative development of excellent Chinese culture. (Sang Jiahui)


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