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Shanxi to accelerate legislation for wetland protection
Time: 02 22,2023      Source: CHINA DAILY

North China's Shanxi province will accelerate the process of approval for ecological legislations in 2023 to further protect local wetlands. 

The province will carry out nature experience, research and education activities to enhance the public's awareness of wetlands, as well as educate them on their responsibilities in protecting wetlands. 

According to the results from the third land survey of Shanxi, the local wetland area is 221,200 hectares. There are also 595 species of vascular plants, and 231 species of vertebrates inhabiting the wetlands. 

In recent years, Shanxi has continued to strengthen the ecological protection and restoration of wetlands, and its management system for wetlands has been basically completed. 

So far, the construction of 63 wetland parks has been approved in the province, including 20 national wetland parks. 

The first batch of important provincial wetlands has been identified, including the Xiaolangdi reservoir area of the Yellow River in Yuanqu county, and the Fenhe River wetland in Hongtong county.


Changzhi - Eshanxi