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Shanxi attends global climate, carbon summit in US
Time: 06 16,2023      Source:

North China's Shanxi province participated in the Global Climate & Carbon Investment Summit held at the New York Stock Exchange on June 7 via video link at the invitation of the US-China Green Institute. 

Government officials, representatives and experts from China and the United States conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as climate change, energy transformation, green finance, and international cooperation. 

Wu Dongsheng, an inspector of the Shanxi Development and Reform Commission, spoke at the summit on behalf of the province, focusing on the status quo of Shanxi's energy transformation. 

Shanxi is abundant in energy resources. In 2022, the province's coal production exceeded 1.3 billion metric tons, accounting for nearly one third of the country's output. 

Wu said that Shanxi is the only national, comprehensive, and systematic resource-based economic transformation demonstration province in the country, and it has assumed an important mission in piloting the comprehensive reform of the energy revolution. 

In terms of controlling energy consumption, Shanxi has been advancing the transformation of coal utilization from fuel to raw materials, materials and terminal products, so as to extend the coal industrial chain and promote clean and low-carbon development. 

The province has also accelerated the proportion of new energy and renewable energy and promoted the formation of a modern energy supply system with the support of coal, oil, gas, new energy, and renewable energy. 

It hopes to promote its successful experience in energy transformation to the country and even the world, and contribute to global energy transformation. 

At the summit, Wu also introduced the Taiyuan Energy Low Carbon Development Forum (TELC) – the largest and most influential energy event in China – to attendees. 

He issued an invitation to the US-China Green Institute, hoping that it will take part in the 2023 TELC and together promote the two countries' cooperation in climate change and energy transformation.


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