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Shanxi projects to be national agricultural cultural heritage
Time: 06 21,2023      Source:

Two projects in North China's Shanxi province were selected for the seventh list of candidate projects for the country's important agricultural cultural heritage recently announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. 

China's important agricultural cultural heritage is a traditional agricultural system with important historical and humanistic value, and has important reference significance for modern ecological circular agriculture. 

The selected projects are required to protect agricultural cultural heritage, provide a better life for farmers and people living in agricultural heritage sites, and contribute to sustainable agricultural development. 

The selection of two from Shanxi – the Hengshan Astragalus Cultivation System in Hunyuan county and the Changzhi Ginseng Cultivation System (Pingshun, Huguan) – will have a positive effect on enhancing the popularity and influence of the two traditional Chinese medicine materials.


Changzhi - Eshanxi